Fully Funded Aviation Scholarship Opportunities for International Students In 2024

Overview of Aviation Scholarship for International Students

Every year numerous outstanding opportunities are spun out of the wide for career men and women in every niche and Industry, and the aviation industry is not an exemption. 

The aviation industry has evolved widely over the years with an unprecedented demand for pilots, technicians, and crewmembers, and other aviation professionals as the market peaks to all time high, especially in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. 

This demand has urged NGOs, philanthropists and organizations to highly consider and provide scholarship opportunities for people interested in pursuing Aviation as a career. 

Over 100 globally known aviation opportunities for the aviation career have been revealed by several organizations, institutions, governments and agencies, but here we’ll be revealing only the three most relevant, that offers the best benefits to international students like you.

In this article, we’ll be providing you with the top fully funded aviation scholarship opportunities you should apply for in 2024, their criteria , requirements, deadlines, tips and features. 

If you are an international student interested in chasing a career in the aviation industry and want to take advantage of this scholarship opportunity to Study in global aviation schools for free in 2024, then explore this article to the end as we take you on a smooth ride. 

Before that, let’s take a brief look at the importance of fully funded aviation scholarship opportunities to you as an international student.

A colorful flyer with airplanes, helicopters, and a female pilot, with a text boldly written in the middle: Fully Funded Scholarship Opportunities 2024
Fully Funded Aviation Scholarship Opportunities for International Students


Importance of fully funded Scholarship Opportunities for International Students 

Fully funded aviation scholarship is an excellent opportunity for students or aviation enthusiasts to pursue their academic goals without the financial burden that can be a significant barrier for many talented and deserving students. 

Here are some notable benefits of a fully funded scholarship. 

  • Financial Support: This scholarship covers all expenses associated with tuition fee, accommodation, travel and living expenses for the entire duration of the course.
  • Opportunity to Study Abroad: This scholarship gives you the opportunity to Study in renowned aviation universities and programs in the world, which exposes you to different cultures, perspectives, experiences etc. which by extension influences your personal and professional career growth.
  • Competitive and impactful: Fully funded aviation scholarships are highly competitive, and only the most deserving candidates who apply and meet the criteria are considered.
  • Long-term benefits: The long-term benefits of a fully funded scholarship are undeniable. With the right guidance and dedication, students can set themselves up for a successful future with the resources they need to reach their goals.

Other notable benefits of a fully funded aviation scholarship for international students are inclusivity and No Financial Burden. 

Before we get into it let’s take a peek at the overall eligibility criteria for a fully funded scholarship for international students.


Overall Eligibility Criteria for A Fully Funded Aviation Scholarship for International Students 

Every aviation scholarship has its own unique eligibility criteria, but some of the most common and relevant to all are;

  • Must be an international student.
  • Have a passion for aviation.
  • Enrolled in a flight training program or aviation-related degree program.
  • Minimal standard GPA.
  • English language proficiency.
  • At least 18 years of age.

Fully funded aviation scholarships programs are mostly available for international students who want to pursue aviation-related studies in the USA, Canada and the UK.

Two pilots inside the cockpit of an airplane. Image captured from behind, displaying the tarmac through the front glass.
Two pilots in the cockpit piloting the airplane.

Top Fully Funded Aviation Scholarship Opportunities for International Students

The top three (3) fully funded aviation scholarship opportunities for International Students in 2024 are listed below. Click any of the lists you are interested in and you will be led to all you need to know about it. 

  1. EAA Flight Training Scholarships 2024
  2. NBAA International Operators Scholarship 2024
  3. International Volunteer Scholarship 2024

EAA Flight Training Scholarships

The Experimental Aircraft Association’s EAA Flight Training Scholarships are fully funded scholarship programs given to people who want to become a pilot. 

The EAA offers several fully funded aviation opportunities to international students who are interested in pursuing a career in Aviation like Flight Training in the United States and Canada.

The EAA Flight Training Program is currently open for application, and after proper scrutiny and criteria checks, if you meet the standard, the full or partial funds will be sent to the flight school where you will be admitted. 

A flyer with several aviation related images, with "EAA Flight Training Scholarships 2024" boldly written in blue colour at the center.
EAA Flight Training Scholarship 2024

Features of the EAA Flight Training Scholarships

  • Application status: Open
  • Scholarship Type: Fully and partially funded.
  • Awarding Institution: Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA)
  • Countries Covered: USA & Canada.
  • Educational level requirement: Aviation training.
  • Duration: Depending on the program selected.
  • Deadline: 1st March 2024

Eligibility Criteria for EAA Flight Training Scholarships 2024

If you are a student interested in this aviation program, you should take the following into consideration.

  • Have an active passion for aviation.
  • You must be an international student.
  • Willing to attend a flight school in US or Canada
  • Be proficient in English language.
  • Have a minimum GED or any equivalent certificate from your country of residence.
  • Get the Federal Aviation Administration medical certificate and CFR part 65 authorization.
  • Maintain a C average in the entire aviation program with a minimum of 60% GPA.

Selection Criteria for EAA Flight Training Scholarships 2024

After the application deadline on the 1st of May 2024, Experimental Aircraft Association will carry out a critical and prolific evaluation and only the most deserving applicants who meet all the Eligibility Criteria on time will be considered.

Application Process for EAA Flight Training Scholarships 2024

  1. Signup and Fill out the EAA Flight Training Scholarship application form at [ https://www.eaa.org/eaa/learn-to-fly/scholarships/eaa-flight-training-scholarships ]
  2. Provide all required documents like a recent copy of your passport photograph, drivers licence or any government issued documents that can be used to identify you.
  3. Write an essay on why you want to chase flight training and aviation in general as a career and why you feel you are a potential candidate to be considered. 
  4. Application should be directed to the EAA Flight Training email address.
A close captured image displaying the flight deck/control panel in the cockpit of an airplane.
Control Panel of an aviation aircraft cockpit

Documents Required For The Experimental Aircraft Association Flight Training Scholarships 

  • Filled application form.
  • Letters of recommendation from an EAA member in your home country.
  • Passport
  • Copy of FAA student pilot certificate.
  • Other relevant documents.

The EAA Flight Training Scholarships Deadline 2024

March 1, 2024, at 12:00 pm Eastern Standard Time EST


Benefits of the EAA Flight Training  Scholarship

  • All funds are paid directly to the flight school you will be admitted after all due diligence has been met.
  • Honorary membership with the EAA, which gives you the privilege to vote and contribute to general meetings. 
  • The funds given is between $5,000 to $12,500 yearly, and you can apply as many times in years as you can. 


NBAA Charities International Operators Scholarship 2024

The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Charities dedicated to its mission of promoting education and training as a means for individuals to enhance their safety knowledge and professionalism is offering this International Operators Scholarship opportunities to benefit business aviation professionals engaged in international operations. 

This program offers nearly $100,000 annually in cash awards as tuition reimbursement for students enrolled in an FAR part 147 A&P program or pursuing a career in aviation management.


A landscape flyer with several aviation and scholarship related icons and illustrations. 'NBAA Charities International Operators Scholarship 2024' is boldly written at the middle.
NBAA International Operators Scholarship 2024

Features of the NBAA Charities International Operators Scholarship 2024

  • Application status: Open
  • Scholarship Type: Education/training cost clearance
  • Awarding Institution: NBAA Charities
  • Countries Covered: International 
  • Duration: Based on course
  • Deadline: Feb. 4, 2024 
  • Awarding date: March 26-28, 2024

Eligibility Criteria for the NBAA Charities International Operators Scholarship 2024

  • Must be an individual seeking to enter into the business aviation industry or current aviation professionals seeking to expand their career in international operations. 
  • Scholarship recipients must complete all professional/educational training by March 2026.
  • Completely filled application form.
  • One letter of recommendation
  • Application sent no later than 11:59pm E.T on Feb 4, 2024.

Selection Criteria for the NBAA Charities International Operators Scholarship 2024

After rigorous scrutiny and evaluation, only the most deserving applicants who fill all the application requirements will be considered. 


Application Process for the NBAA International Operators Scholarship 2024

  • Sign up and fill out the International Operators Scholarship application form.
  • Write a 2-page essay about yourself and why you need to be considered for the International Operators Scholarship program. All emails directed to the NBAA Charities.
  • Obtain one signed letter of recommendation.
  • Send all this as part of the application on or before 2nd, February, 2024.
  • All questions should be directed to the email: NBAA Molly Hitch or contact: 202-783-9353

Documents Required For The NBAA International Operators Scholarship 2024

  • Completely filled application form.
  • A detailed essay about yourself and why you need the scholarship directed at the NBAA Charities.
  • A signed letter of recommendation.
  • Any government issued ID cards or certificates of identification.
An airplane in an aviation aircraft maintenance facility
Aviation Aircraft in a Maintenance Facility

Deadline of the NBAA International Operators Scholarship Program 2024

February 4, 2024. 11:59 p.m. ET


Benefits of the NBAA International Operators Scholarship 2024

  • Funds awarded through this program will be paid directly to the recipient for reimbursement of expenses associated with the designated education and/or training classes, except in the case of full-time students, when payments will be made directly to the school.
  • A recipient of this scholarship can reapply again in 2026 – one year after. 


 International Volunteer Scholarship

The international Volunteer Scholarship program is not limited to only the aviation career, but also widely to other graduate and undergraduate career programs. It’s a scholarship program that is awarded by the University of Tennesse to secondary school leavers, undergraduate students, and postgraduates. Aviation is one of the highlighted courses for the scholarship program.


Flyer with 'International Volunteer Scholarship' boldly written on it.
International Volunteer Scholarship

Features of the International Volunteer Scholarships 2024

  • Application status: Open
  • Scholarship Type: Tuition fees
  • Awarding Institution: University of Tennessee 
  • Countries Covered: International 
  • Educational level requirement: Undergraduate/postgraduate
  • Duration: Based on course
  • Deadline: Not specified 


Eligibility Criteria for International Volunteer Scholarships 2024

An eligible candidate of the International Volunteer Scholarships must;

  • Be an incoming first year international student.
  • Minimum of 3.8 GPA 
  • Apply before 1 May.
  • Maintain a 3.0 cumulative grade point average (GPA) and good academic standing


Eligibility Criteria for International Volunteer Scholarships 2024

  • Academic excellence.
  • Application before 1st May.


Documents Required for The International Volunteer Scholarships 

  • A copy of your academic report or cert.
  • An Essay directed at the awarding institution describing why you need it.
  • A copy of any government issued ID cards or means of identification.

Application Process for the International Volunteer Scholarships 2024 

  • Apply directly through the email of the awarding organization. 

Students who apply for admission by May 1 of their final year in high school will be automatically considered for these institutional scholarships.


Benefits of the International Volunteer Scholarships Scholarship

  • School fees are waived during the scholarship period by the University of Tennessee. 
  • The awarded value is grossly between $10,000 and more. 


Tips for Submitting Your Best Application For Aviation Scholarship Opportunities

Here are some quick tips to give you an edge over other applicants.

  • Apply early before the deadline.
  • Read and understand all requirements and directions. Assume everything as very important and treat it as that. Keen attention to details will give you an edge.
  • Proofread your essay thoroughly or give it to a third party to help before submission. Ensure your answers have correct grammar and spellings as they may be using some technologies to help with the evaluation process. 
  • Provide as many detailed answers to the essay questions as possible. Describe how you stand out and why you should be considered over other applicants.
  • Being a member of an institution’s club, community or NGO (e.g. members of EAA and a member of an EAA chapter) is an added advantage.
  • History of volunteering for local organizations, both aviation and non-aviation related, will also highlight your application to the selection committee.

Embrace the skies with these scholarship opportunities! Remember, the earlier you apply, the smoother your flight to aviation success will be.

In Conclusion 

The pursuit of a career in aviation can be financially supported through the promising avenues of fully funded scholarships. 

The featured opportunities – EAA Flight Training Scholarships, NBAA International Operators Scholarship, and International Volunteer Scholarship – not only alleviate. 

the financial burden for you and other aspiring aviation professionals but also open doors to prestigious institutions worldwide. 

The transformative impact of these scholarships extends beyond immediate academic pursuits, it also fosters cultural exposure and long-term career success.

As international students aspire to enter or build a career in the aviation industry, these scholarships stand as golden opportunities, and you should embrace it now that it’s ripe. 

Have any questions or things you would like to be cleared on? Leave your thoughts in the comment below and we’ll give you a reply immediately.

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