2023/2024 West African Research Center (WARC) Travel Grant Fellowship

The WARC Travel Grant stands as a catalyst for fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among African researchers and institutions. It extends support to scholars and graduate students across Africa, facilitating research visits to different regions and institutions within the continent. The grant covers travel expenses up to $1,500 alongside a stipend of $1,500.

Funds from the travel grant can be utilized for various purposes:

  • Participation and presentation of papers at academic conferences within Africa.
  • Accessing libraries or archives within Africa is crucial for the applicant’s academic pursuits.
  • Collaborative projects with peers at another African institution.
  • Travel to research sites within Africa.


Eligibility for this opportunity is confined to West African nationals, with a preference for those affiliated with West African colleges, universities, or research institutions.


Application requirements:
  • An abstract (50-80 words) outlining the intended activity and its purpose.
  • A project or research description (maximum 6 double-spaced pages) elucidating the necessity of travel in accessible language for non-specialist readers.
  • A proposed budget.
  • Curriculum vitae, highlighting research and teaching experiences.
  • Photocopy of the applicant’s passport validating West African nationality.
  • Submission of all documents online in PDF format.
  • A mandatory recommendation letter for all applicants. If attending a conference, additional requirements include an abstract of the paper to be presented and an acceptance letter from the conference organizers. For visits to other institutions, an invitation from the host institution is essential. When traveling to consult archives or materials, a description of the collections and their relevance to the applicant’s research is required. Graduate students need a recommendation letter from their overseeing professor.

Inquiries and correspondence can be directed to Mariane Yade at [email protected].

For further details, visit the Official Webpage of the WARC Travel Grant.

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