Google’s Free Online Artificial Intelligence (AI) Course

Google knows that there is greater interest among the new generation in learning about Artificial Intelligence (AI), for this reason, it provides a completely free opportunity with no registration fee to an online program on AI. A free certificate of participation is included.

Google’s free online courses are available to everyone in the world. The program is divided into five (5) activities, which are: Introduction to generative AI, introduction to large language models, introduction to responsible AI, foundations of generative AI and application of AI principles with Google Cloud .

Google’s initiative will allow you to boost your career in this area, showing the skills you have learned to people around the world. Google Cloud experts will assist trainees so they can choose a learning path, develop skills and validate advanced knowledge in the most efficient way. Being a recognized platform, Google offers multiple courses related to Artificial Intelligence and other fields.

Google AI Course

Institutions where you will carry out your studies:

Online course – Google.

Levels and areas of study:

Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Who can participate?:

Everyone in the world is allowed to apply.

About the Scholarship

  • There are no registration fees.
  • Google certification.
  • Course material and video tutorials to learn about AI.

Conditions that participants must meet:

  • There is no age restriction.
  • People of any nationality can participate.
  • Online registrations through the free Google Cloud Skills Boost course entry system .

Instructions to apply:

  • Complete the entry questionnaire.

Do you want to learn about AI for free? Visit the official website of Google Cloud Skills Boost and check all the details and register for free.


No deadline to apply.

Official: Google Cloud Skills Boost

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